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Can family portraits increase your child’s self esteem?

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One of the hidden but most powerful aspects of family photography that parents and most photographers rarely acknowledge is how it can help us raise children with stronger confidence in their own worth and abilities.


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Recently, psychologists recommend having photographs of that child with their family placed in the child’s bedroom from an young age  can be among the last things they see before sleep and the first thing they may see before the beginning of  their day. They have a certainty about them by protecting a quality that nurtures a child. It enables them know where they are in the pecking order and that they are looked after.


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Obviously, rather than print and display family portraits, families are increasingly enjoying their images in a digital form these days , be it on a social networking site. But it begins to raise the question, does an image on a screen or social media site have the same impact for helping families boost a child’s self-esteem?


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Maybe not, photography in the home has since reportedly made children feel valued and gives them a rich understanding of their background. The power of photographs to keep us feeling tied to others and belonging cannot be overestimated it seems. Most importantly, they link us into our networks and for children in particular, looking at photographs is part of the socialising process; learning who exactly you are and where you fit into the family.


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To answer the question can family portraits increase your child’s self-esteem, we say absolutely!

Displaying photographs of your children at different stages of their lives, you are making a very public declaration that you are proud of them throughout all the stages of their lives. Until recently, people often thought of photographs as almost trivial, but actually they are an exceedingly important way of connecting with our sense of self, with one our loved ones and relive times gone by.

Is it time for you to arrange a shoot for your family?


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