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Print. Frame. Display. Love

Everyone should have at least one new year resolution, and seeing as we’ve just had to say farewell to the 2010’s, I think I may have the perfect suggestion for anyone who may be struggling to think up one to start this new and exciting decade.. HELLO 2020!

Remember back in the day, before the world seemed to heavily rely on Google, Facebook and Instagram for photos? How about we go further back in time before mobile phones were even capable of taking photographs. Or how about when photos weren’t even instant? *GASP. SHOCK. HORROR!* And God forbid we would actually have to get off our bottoms and take our disposable cameras to get the film developed. And then you would have to wait (yes wait) to discover what you took a snap shot of from weeks, months, or even years before. You had no idea how your photos would turn out, but you’ll have to admit, that feeling of mystery and then finally getting to lay your eyes on your long awaited picture was all a bit exciting. This was back when you’d have to be way more selective on what you would actually take a photo of, whereas now we have way too much freedom and never ending storage online such as iCloud to keep all our photos, which is great!.. But sadly most will be forgotten about.

So many photos are just sat on your computer waiting for you to acknowledge them, and isn’t that a sad thought. Even if you have photos that are amazing and worthy of being printed out so you can proudly place them in a frame and hang up in your home, I bet most of them are still unprinted and are yet to see the light of day. Most people will never print out their photos, but yet, there are many who will take photos every day. Is this due to laziness? Or is it because there’s just too much choice to make a decision on which will make it to print? Or are humans now content with only appreciating their photos by simply looking at them on their computer screen or mobile phone? If you’re cool with that, then that’s great! But.. don’t you think it would be way cooler AND special if you brought those photos to life? Something you can actually hold, frame and proudly present on your wall for everyone to see!

Growing up in the 90s, I was very lucky and fortunate to have a wonderful and very sentimental mother who would take photos and film home videos at any given chance! Photos of me and my two sisters, myself being the middle child so that makes me the naughty one right? And it wouldn’t be the 90s without the classic matching sibling outfits with my big sister Vicki, which were always on point and is always a great treat to look back on. Photos of my hero of a dad who use to be a fire fighter and he use to ride a motorbike which mum was very fond of taking pictures of, including having me propped on it as a baby looking very unbalance and confused. There are lots of photos of our cat Susan (which yes I’m aware is a ridiculous human name for a cat, but may she RIP), and although Susan and I never really saw eye to eye, it’s always so lovely to see her again in photo form. Every birthday has been captured throughout my childhood, so photos of me and my friends bundling each other on the floor at Cineworld after watching ‘Antz’ then continuing my celebrations at The Wimpy for my 8th birthday is a deffo fave. My mum would also film me blowing out my birthday candles every year without fail, which has become a family tradition which I cannot wait to continue when I too become a mother, and I love how I will always know what birthday cake I got to devour every year.

I could go on and on but you get the gist of it, she would always take pictures and film EVERYTHING. And this is without a doubt where my love for taking pictures and filming comes from, which has made me into quite the sentimental person. I feel extremely privileged and I’m incredibly grateful to my mum for her dedication in capturing so many moments throughout my life and to know I have an entire wardrobe filled to the brim with photo albums and home video cassettes is truly comforting and amazing. She has also dedicated an entire wall in the dining room to framed photographs, including a very large family portrait from the late 90s. Yes, it’s a little dated now, but it is still awesome even if I do look like a grumpy cabbage patch kid.

I no longer live near my parents as I now live up in the notorious North in wonderful Warrington.. but whenever I get to go visit my parents down in London, to know I have all these amazing memories throughout my childhood and teenage years are there waiting for me to reminisce as I please, just warms my heart so much. I’ll always have that reminder of where I came from, what a little rascal I was and all the love that was given to me, all of it documented and treasured.

Now I encourage you to do the same! Don’t neglect your captured memories, may they live forever outside of your computer and mobile phone. They deserve that special place somewhere in your home, and framing and hanging pieces of happiness and sentimental moments from your life should be presented proudly. Find the time to dedicate a morning, afternoon, evening, or even find a day if you’re a complete photoholic with a hoarding collection on your phone or computer who’s guilty of never printing… Go through all your photographs, have fun reminiscing and select your favorites!

Print. Frame. Display. Love.

Sammy x