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How to choose your family photographer

A great photographer understands that memories cannot be repeated but they are well equipped to deal with precious moments in a matter of seconds. With so many photographers out there it can be overwhelming to find the right one for you. And, typically, it can be a big investment. In order to help you in your quest to find the perfect photographer we’ve put together a few useful tips to consider when choosing your family photographer.

1) Expertise

The number one most important factor to consider when choosing a family photographer is the person’s expertise and experience. Ensure you find a photographer with expertise to advise you through the process in offering their own suggestions from a professional background. They must also make the client feel comfortable, relaxed and read the body language of all those involved, especially babies and young children. Some photographers may lack the experience of dealing with certain groups or ages which can really affect the enjoyment of the experience along with the finished images.

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2) Referrals from friends and family

Do you know a family member or friend who has visited? Were they happy with the final product? Would they recommend it? Take the time to learn about their whole experience, from booking to the session to the viewing stage. Online reviews are also a good starting point to find honest reviews from past clients.

Reviews aren’t just essential in regards to the shoot itself , perhaps look into their customer service. This can affect not just the session itself, but all levels of the process, including pre-shoot advice, product selection and after sales service. Check that the studio has a good reputation for personal service and is always willing to pick up the phone and talk through any queries  you may have.

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3) Browse through online galleries

Here at Bartley Studio’s we are very proud of our work and ask our clients to view our online archives of images to gain ideas. You may find you like certain images and wish to include similar ideas in preparation for your own session.

After all it is important to do your own research before you fully commit to a photography session.  This will be a memory you keep for years to come and you should have whatever you consider to be the best.

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4) Scheduling

It is sometimes difficult to get the whole family together for a shoot – so check the flexibility of the studio. Some studios also open on evenings and weekends ensuring that a suitable appointment time will be found for the whole family.

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5) Prices

To state the obvious, there are no hard and fast rules as to how much you should pay for portraits. Its important to do your research and look into prices of goods and services so that your expectations can be met. The photography industry is hugely varied in terms of talent and experience which creates a huge diversity of price. As you would expect though, the prices charged will usually will depend on the amount of time involved along with the operating costs. For example, a self employed photographer who comes to your house may will more than likely be cheaper than a purpose built studio, but the results could differ greatly. Your best bet is to take a look at photographer’s portfolio and see if you are impressed, then relate it to their prices.

Also, don’t expect that because there is no physical printing or framing that digital products will be the cheap option – Photographers have to cover their time, overheads, equipment and costs which need to be factored into all products.

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Have fun!

Make a choice who you are comfortable with, don’t force yourself to book somewhere you aren’t entirely satisfied with. Have fun at your session and have a great time!

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