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Vintage Couple Photoshoot

Over the past few years, we’ve seen more and more interest in couple portrait photoshoots at our studio.

We’ve seen couples visit us to have a secondary wedding shoot it the original didn’t go to plan, couples wanting to capture their relationship to decorate their walls like art, couples bringing their beloved pet along with them, along with couples who may already have children. On occasions such as these, we find that they are wanting to capture something special, just of themselves, taking advantage of a rare opportunity to spend some quality time together. Having a photoshoot at Bartley Studios ensures that the end result will be something special.

fiona & chris


We wanted to share the story of a lovely couple who visited us recently. This is all about Fiona and Chris and their Wartime/vintage themed shoot with us.
This was a fascinating shoot as their hobby and passion is 1940’s re-enactments, so they were very eager to show this off in their shots.Their story is quite a unique one, and certainly proves the old adage of absence making the heart grow fonder as after originally becoming an item in 1990, they rekindled their relationship after a 22 year break, and are now happier than ever. With an extended family of 5 children ranging from 5 to 25 along with a Labrador, they couldn’t be happier!Their session was heavily based around 1940’s and 1950’s army uniforms; Fiona bringing a women’s land army uniform and a 1940’s flowing dress and Chris  bringing a World War 2  commando outfit as well as a royal marine uniform.


They have never had professional photographs taken, other than a few formal ones, and so were looking to capture the sort of moments that sums them up as a couple, doing something they love, an escape from the daily routine, and let’s face it, re-enacting wars is an intriguing and captivating way to break from the norm!


They had browsed through our Facebook page and website, after seeing some of the shots and compositions of other couples, decided that they wanted to make their own memories. So they dusted the shrapnel off their war uniforms, grabbed their tin cups, wicker baskets and union jack flag and came on down to be shot…..by our very own trigger happy photographer, Chris.
Chris wanted to start the shoot off with a new style he had been working on. Fiona & Chris hadn’t come along with the intention of being photographed in what they had arrived to the studio in, but the outfit style worked fantastically well with the type of images that Chris had in mind. All in black & white and shot wide angle to produce a dynamic perspective along with giving them a ‘gritty’ style. 
Understandably, we often have clients visiting us with a few preconceptions and concerns about having their photos taken, although these always inevitably disappear once the session is underway. But Fiona and Chris arrived with the aim of enjoying themselves and getting the most out of their time with us, and this certainly comes across in their images.Fiona says the whole experience, from arriving at the studio, all the way through to the viewing, was exceptional. From our point of view, we’re proud to hear that we really couldn’t have done any more to make them feel relaxed and ensure that the viewing was breath-taking.couples photoshoot military vintage cheshirecolourful dress from a vintage couples photoshoot at Bartley Portrait Studios in CheshireShe has this advice for other couples coming along for their own shoot:

“Relax, be yourselves and enjoy. The exceptional photographers will capture beautifully who you truly are as a couple”

Wise words Fiona, we couldn’t agree with you more!