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Why every parent should have a newborn photoshoot

Welcoming a new baby into the world is a momentous occasion that fills parents with joy and excitement – Those first few weeks after a baby is born are filled with so many special moments, but with all the challenges that come with new parenthood, it can be difficult to capture them. We get it, the months leading up to your baby’s due date are hectic (to put it lightly). Is the nursery going to be ready on time? Bottles and prams and cots– oh my!

If there’s one thing we think should DEFINITELY be on your newborn to-do list, it’s a newborn photoshoot. Here are just a few reasons why:

Freeze Time

The newborn period is fleeting. Before you know it, your little one will be talking and walking, and that ‘newborn scrunch’ will be a distant memory! They change so fast that it’s hard to remember what they looked like in the beginning – relax and let us capture the earliest moments of your child’s life, stress-free for a couple of hours. Nobody regrets having pictures of their baby, but you can regret NOT having them! After all, your baby is only a newborn once.

Document a monumental milestone!

What better way to preserve the start of a new chapter than with beautiful photographs that last a lifetime? There is nothing more valuable than memories – being able to share and cherish them for generations to come is priceless. Professional portrait photography can also make a fantastic gift for loved ones celebrating your baby’s arrival and are guaranteed to be treasured by everyone who receives them.

Make a house a home.

At Bartley, we don’t just take just photographs – we create stunning wall art that brings warmth and personality to your living space. We strive to showcase your family’s personality by incorporating sentimental props and capturing natural, emotional moments – our products will be an immediate talking point for guests! Whether it’s a beautiful edge print or a collection of framed photos, the artwork from your newborn photoshoot will be an exceptional addition to your family home. Our professional photographers will guide you through the entire process of the photoshoot, from choosing the best poses and lighting to selecting the perfect backgrounds and outfits resulting in one-of-a-kind prints that take pride of place above the fireplace!

A once in a lifetime bonding experience.

A photoshoot is the perfect opportunity to bond with your baby in a stress-free environment, so you can admire the tiny human you have created without the pressures of life interrupting! The process of holding, posing, and interacting with your little one only strengthens the special connection between parent and child. It’s once again, all about embracing those precious moments whilst your little one is still so little.

We could go on forever, but we know you’re already convinced! For more information, have a look at our newborn page linked below.

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