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The Importance of family photos

photograph mum dad and their two boys in black and white. Taken at Bartley Studios Manchester Warrington

With technology these days, it’s so easy to take pictures and capture almost any moment on our phones. With this simplicity, it’s easy to forget about the art of Photography as we snap away. You might find yourself going through your images someday and noticing that you aren’t in most of them since you were the one taking them!

Whilst there’s nothing wrong with the odd selfie, visiting a professional photography studio to capture those special moments between your family is something impossible to recreate yourselves. Professional and experienced photographers will not just capture the best images, they will also create an experience that everyone will enjoy and remember.

Here are a number of reasons why professional family portraits are important to capture whenever the chance arises.

Capturing Growth

When children are younger, having a portrait of the family is a great way to catalogue the progress each of them is making as they grow, and you never know when that last chance for a family photo will come once they are grown up. There’s no reason to squander the opportunity to capture life together as it is now.

Reliving Memories

We frequently don’t realise the importance of family pictures until it is too late.  Too often we find ourselves seeking out pictures of memories with a person after he or she is no longer around. The beauty of photos are the ones that will put smiles on our faces and help us cope with the change of a person who is no longer nearby.

Naturally, we look to our photographs to help us remember the good times as we understand family dynamics will often change , here at Bartley Studios we like to provide families with stunning wall art that will provide treasured memories for many years to come.

Express creativity!

We have a abundance of clients who love to share their thoughts throughout the time they spend with us. Very often, families share their own families lifestyle which is a great way of expressing your families dynamic characteristics. Also, it’s a fun and collaborative project between yourself and the photographer!

Naturally, something happens to clients when they see pictures of their families. They well up with pride and want to show people. They become reminded of what matters and how time moves too quickly, and to treasure the little moments spent with their loved ones.

Here at Bartley Studios, our team see family portraits as a gift to be able to share a visual of moments, details, people, places and things to those they love, so that they, too, can feel even a glimmer of the joy we feel when we reflect on those times.

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