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Its a frenchie frenzy!

It’s a Frenchie Frenzy!


With French Bulldogs fast becoming one of the most popular breeds in the UK, it’s no wonder we’ve had so many coming into Bartley Studios lately. We love these little dogs, full of character and love, so decided to dedicate a post to share some of our favourite shots with you…

French bulldogs have a great reputation, they’re great with children, great family dogs and also perfect for first time dog owners with their easy-going nature. They love company and hate being alone, often described as ‘eager to please’ – it’s really no surprise that they’re so photogenic!

With each French Bulldog we shoot, it’s easy to see their personality shine through and the unique temperament of each one we encounter, they really are like little four-legged people!  From laid back and chilled to boisterous and playful, each one has instantly won the team over. I mean just look how adorable they are with their beautiful big eyes and ears!

Something I didn’t realise about French bulldogs is their celebrity status, nearly every public figure seems to own one of the little dogs. From the Beckhams to Lady Gaga to Hugh Jackman, it looks like they really are the perfect dog for everyone.

If you’re lucky enough to have a French bulldog in your family, feel free to bring them in to the studios to see us for lots of cuddles and attention, as well as some gorgeous portraits of your little fur-baby!

If you are looking for a photographer to capture some stunning images of your pooch then please have a look through our website to get a feel for the work that we can produce for you.

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